Wednesday, 6 February 2013


When tokwan bought a wholebunch of mangosteens because he knew you love them that your eyes shine bright like a diamond when you saw them. 
He bought those mangosteens because he loves to see you eat them. 
He bought those fruits just for you.
Whatdya feel? 
You're shedding tears deep inside. 
You're touched :') 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

ABOZ blood type

So about last two weeks I went back to kampung.
There were tok , tok wan , makchaq, pakngah, makngah , and paksu there.
When we were having lunch, makchaq somehow told that she is hypertensive for quite sometime but none of us knew about that.

Then tokwan suddenly started asking what type of blood that we are having.
All of us tell ours.Among us there were A, B, and O blood type. 
Then I ask what type of blood group that tokwan has but he did not sure.
So makngah said 'tokwan punya darah type Z'.

Monday, 14 January 2013


Kalau selalu citer pasal benda yang sama je siapa tak bosan. 
Bukan tak nak jadi pendengar yang setia tapi muak ah dengar citer sama banyak kali.
Cakap sekali dua sudahlah.
Bukan aku tak ingat kau cakap ape.
Balik-balik isu sama.
Cuba la faham.